Pershing Broadband Action Committee and Surveys


Pershing County and the City of Lovelock form Broadband Action Committee
Citizens and Businesses asked to complete broadband surveys

June 1, 2018 - Lovelock, NV - Access to education, healthcare, entertainment and participation in commerce is increasingly defined by access to the Internet.  High speed Internet access is a necessity in today’s world.  Pershing County and City of Lovelock have begun to assess the availability of broadband options for citizens and businesses.  The first step has been to work with the State of Nevada Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT) to form the Pershing Broadband Action Committee.

“Pershing County joins Elko County, Humboldt County and White Pine County in forming broadband action committee,” said Jojo Myers-Campos, OSIT’s State Broadband Manager.  “The Pershing Broadband Action Committee (PBAC) has begun a process that will assess current broadband options for citizens and businesses and then, if necessary, will work to attract better broadband service to Pershing County and the City of Lovelock.”

The Pershing Broadband Action Committee is being led by Pershing County Economic Development Executive Director, Heidi Lusby-Angvick. 

“The first step is for the PBAC to gather data from citizens and businesses on the availability of broadband service and if they are a broadband subscriber, their level of satisfaction with their broadband service and their desire to have added broadband options,” said Heidi Lusby-Angvick. “We will do this through surveys that are available in both on-line and hard copy format.”

The residential and business broadband surveys are located at the following links:

Pershing/Lovelock Residential Broadband Survey
(takes approximately 2 minutes to complete):

Pershing/Lovelock Business Broadband Survey
(takes approximately 4 minutes to complete):

“We need as many business and residential surveys complete as possible to fully assess the current broadband environment in Pershing County and the City of Lovelock,” commented Ms. Lusby-Angvick.

Heidi E. Lusby-Angvick, PCED
Executive Director
Pershing County Economic Development Authority
400 14th Street / P.O. Box 1044
Lovelock, NV 89419
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